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Communal Multifaith third Day Seder

Sunday, April 24

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Because you’re invited to a


 on Sunday 24th April from 3:00 – 5:30pm

Jews, Muslims and Christians from the Harrow and Wembley area are joining together at the end of April to celebrate the ideals of freedom and liberty which are the basis of the Jewish festival of Passover.

The multi faith “Seder” afternoon will include members of the Mosaic Jewish community as well as members of Christian and Muslim communities. Local centres for the disabled and the homeless are also being invited to attend.

The “Seder” meal is central to the Jewish festival and is when Jews eat unleavened bread to recall their flight from slavery in Egypt. The meal is significant to the Christian faith as it is the Last Supper eaten by Jesus and is closely aligned with Easter. The Koran also tells the story of the exodus from Egypt by the Children of Israel, and Moses is regarded as a prophet in the Islamic faith.

According to Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith, of Mosaic: “This is a ground-breaking event. It will remind all the different faiths that the Passover message of freedom, liberty and the deliverance from tyranny is as relevant today as it has always been, and that all faiths must strive to ensure that these ideals are defended. Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the meal and take part.”

Cost is £5 per person (under 5’s free) and booking is essential – please message us if you are joining us.
You can purchase tickets here:

Names of those attending:

(or please send a cheque payable to Mosaic Jewish Community Ltd to the Mosaic Office, and mark the back of the cheque ‘Interfaith Seder’ together with the names of people attending)

Mosaic policy is that no-one should be precluded from participating on financial grounds.  If you wish to join us for this Communal Seder but are concerned about the cost then please contact one of our Rabbis or the Office.