The Sir Charles Clore Jewish-Arab Community Center

Saturday, June 9

Mohammed Fahili, Director of the Center, will be attending the Mosaic Reform service on Shabbat 9th June & will be talking about the work of the Center during the sermon.  All members are invited to attend to listen to this inspiring speaker.  In 1985 he  established an after-school club in the declining Wolfson Neighbourhood which he ran voluntarily each day after work. The Clore Israel Foundation became interested in this work, resulting in the establishment of the Sir Charles Clore Jewish-Arab Community Centre. In 1999, he became the full-time Director & his aim for the Centre has always been to provide high quality, low cost activities for the children & women of Akko. All are welcome to participate, regardless of their religion, ethnicity or ability to pay. He is so grateful for the support & kindness of donors abroad (including from Mosaic Reform’s High Holyday Appeal) & is always pleased to welcome friends to the Centre when they are visiting Israel.