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Film Mosaic – “The Jazz Singer”

Tuesday, July 26

Jazz SingerJoin us at 8.00 pm.  Neil Diamond stars in this motion picture as Yussel Rabinovitch, a young Jewish cantor who strives to make a career outside the synagogue in popular music as Jess Robin. Against the wishes of his rigid father and his loving wife, Yussel travels from New York City to Los Angeles to play his music. Swept up by the excitement, he meets a spunky manager who believes in his talent and shares his dream. He grows apart from his family, and becomes confused about what he should ultimately do with his life.

Despite what you might think, THE JAZZ SINGER was nominated for several prestigious awards, including Best Song – AMERICA. Even Diamond got nominated for Best Actor but didn’t win. He was more than ably supported by Laurence Olivier as his father, and a number of stalwart British supporting actors. See if you recognise them. This is just a “sit back and enjoy a film for a warm summer’s night”. Why not relax and just go with the flow?