Film Mosaic – “The Wave”

Tuesday, June 26

8.00 pm. A popular German High School History teacher decides that the only way to teach his pupils about the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust in a meaningful way is via a novel and involving experiment. His class responds in a very positive way, but soon the experiment grows out of hand, with unexpected and dramatic results. Based on a real life experiment that took place at a California High School in the 1960’s, and then on a 1980’s TV drama, this powerful German movie resonates and takes on a new dimension. I have been using the American TV drama as a teaching aid at Religion School for 20 years, and the reaction of my pupils has never failed to surprise me. This is a movie for a discerning adult audience and is not to be missed. (German with English subtitles).  Donations for our chosen charity would be appreciated if you care to give.