Film Mosaic – “The House of Rothschild”

Tuesday, March 27

8.00 pm.¬†Shot in Glorious Black & White, with even more Glorious Colour added in the last scene. This entertaining and fascinating movie was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Film in 1934. Starring George Arliss as Nathan Rothschild and Boris Karloff as the anti-semitic Count Ledrantz.¬†This is the story of the rise of the Rothschild financial empire founded by Mayer Rothschild and continued by his five sons. From humble beginnings the business grows and helps to finance the war against Napoleon, but it’s not always easy, especially because of the prejudices against Jews. This Movie was many years ahead of the rest of Hollywood in its depiction or anti-Semitism. The film is shot in Black and White (mostly) and the sound quality is typical of films made soon after the introduction of the Talking Movie. There are no sub-titles. Nevertheless I heartily recommend the House of Rothschild as a great addition to the fantastic movies shown at Film Mosaic. Come, Enjoy!

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