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Film Mosaic – “Walk on Water”

Tuesday, September 26

8.00 pm.   Hebrew with English Subtitles

An Israeli Mossad hit-man is thrown off his game by two people who challenge his deeply held assumptions in this Israeli drama. Eyal is a Mossad agent. A man capable of making snap moral judgments but unwilling to reveal his emotions, Eyal has been burying himself in his often bloody work since the death of his wife. Eyal’s latest assignment is to try to learn the whereabouts of a Nazi war criminal; as it happens, his granddaughter, Pia,  is in Israel spending time on a kibbutz, and when he learns that her brother, Axel,  is coming to visit her, Eyal goes undercover as a tour guide in order to get to know them without arousing suspicion. Eyal finds himself taken with Pia, who displays warmth and openness he’s never expected to find in a German. At the same time, Eyal discovers Axel is gay and doesn’t care who knows about it and, as Eyal gets to know him, he finds himself torn between his genuine fondness for Axel and his long-standing homophobia. Released in 2005, “Walk on Water” was directed by Eytan Fox, who earned international acclaim for his story of two gay men in the Israeli army, Yossi & Jagger.

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