Mosaic Film – “Marathon Man”

Tuesday, February 26

8.00 pm. Laurence Olivier & Dustin Hoffman star in John Schlesinger’s Oscar Nominated version of William Goldman’s Best Seller. Hoffman plays an innocent, unwittingly trapped and drawn into a game of intrigue involving a sadistic Nazi fugitive (Olivier – nominated best actor in a supporting role). This movie is an absolute nail-biter, and not ideal for those who aren’t too keen on Dental appointments. It is 2 Hours of edge of seat excitement.
“Hoffman and arch-villain Olivier are superb)” Leonard Maltin
“..Intelligent and largely satisfying thriller…” Newsweek
(English subtitles available).  Film Mosaic is open to anyone, why not bring a friend?  As usual there will be time for an informal discussion or a chat with friends with tea, coffee and biscuits after the screening.  Donations for our chosen charity would be appreciated if you care to give.