Mosaic Film – “Hunting Elephants”

Tuesday, January 15

8.00 pm. This is a charming rarely seen, small scale Israeli comedy made in 2013 starring Patrick Stewart who shares the screen with a raft of excellent Israeli character actors.
Three elderly men and a young lad, Yonatan, find themselves bound together in a Jerusalem nursing home. Yonatan is a genius, but stammers and is bullied at school. His grandfather, Eliahu, whom he had never met until his father died, is a former member of the Lehi (pre-State Jewish underground). Eliahu’s best friend from Lehi, Nick, has unfulfilled passion and ambition that will never be realised; and his English brother-in-law, a has-been, third-rate actor (Patrick Stewart) is in debt for two hundred thirty-two thousand euros. One thing binds them together. They have decided to rob the bank that employed Yonatan’s dead father to punish it for sliding out of paying Yonatan’s mother compensation on his dad’s death, due to the “small print” in the contract. Oh, and they also want the money to make their own last wishes come true.  (Hebrew & English with English subtitles).  Film Mosaic is open to anyone, why not bring a friend?  As usual there will be time for an informal discussion or a chat with friends with tea, coffee and biscuits after the screening.  Donations for our chosen charity would be appreciated if you care to give.