Mosaic Film – “The Stranger”

Tuesday, December 18

8.00 pm. War Crimes Commissioner agent Wilson (Edward G Robinson) is tracking down Franz Kindler, a Nazi Holocaust Mastermind (Orson Welles), who has escaped justice by changing his identity, becoming a teacher and melding into the sleepy society of Harper Connecticut. By tracking down the Nazi’s contacts and chasing down the clues one by one, the Agent closes in for the kill.  Directed by Orson Welles himself in 1947; this is an intriguing movie, which was Oscar nominated for best original story and earned Welles a nomination at the 1947 Venice Film Festival.  Filmed in Black & White don’t miss this little known gem from one of Hollywood’s masters. (Subtitles NOT available)
As usual there will be time for an informal discussion or a chat with friends with tea or coffee and a biscuit or two after the screening.