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Mosaic Film – “Only Human”

Tuesday, May 31

humanTuesday 31st May at 8.00 pm 

Leni takes Rafi to meet her Jewish family in Madrid, all of them, mother, father, older sister and daughter, brother, and grandfather. Rafi is Palestinian and has lived in Spain since age 12. Before her father returns from work, Leni reveals Rafi’s origins. He accidentally drops a block of frozen soup out the flat window, probably killing a passer-by.  Leni initiates a cover-up and Rafi figures out the body is probably Leni’s father. The body disappears and without telling the rest of the family what they know, Leni and Rafi organize a search for dad. Mom is sure he’s having an affair. Leni’s belly-dancing sister kisses Rafi. Her brother grabs a rifle to shoot Rafi…… Can anything else go wrong, and can what has happened be put right?

On the face of it this 2006 Spanish Farce Yells out “BAD TASTE” but Critics and the Public alike screamed back “But it’s oh so very funny!” Come along and have a good old fashioned laugh!


See it at Film MOSAIC

(Spanish with English Subtitles)


Film MOSAIC is open to anyone, why not bring a friend.As usual there will be time for an informal discussion or a chat with friends, with tea, coffee and biscuits after the screening.

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