Mosaic Kashrut Policy

Mosaic Jewish Community is a unique pluralist Jewish Community. Our objectives and ethos are

  • To cultivate a sense of unity and common Jewish identity, that celebrates the differences between different strands of Judaism and does not impose behaviours on each other
  • We shall make every effort to ensure that we do not contradict any of the values and ethos of any of the Constituent Synagogues and we follow the practices of each of the Movement for Reform Judaism, Masorti Judaism and Liberal Judaism.

We recognise that we have different definitions of kashrut, and Shabbat practice, and this policy ensures that everyone can choose their own Jewish life and that no one feels excluded by their choice.


  1. Food hygiene This is of prime importance

Wash hands, wear disposable gloves
Wash all fruit and vegetables thoroughly.
Do not re-freeze defrosted food
Mark allergens
Promptly wipe up any spillages, particularly on the floor


  1. Permitted foods

The kitchen is “milky”, no meat or shellfish are allowed, only acceptable fish are tuna, salmon, cod, haddock, plaice, sea bass, trout or others with scales and fins.

Processed fish may contain non-kosher products such as gelatine;, check cheese is marked “V”for vegetarian use.


  1. Hekhsher (rabbinic approval)

No hekhsher is required for Liberal or Reform use.  The following foodstuffs require a heksher or special preparation according to Masorti practice. This is unlikely to be relevant for kiddushim, but should be considered when preparing either (a) food for specifically Masorti events or (b) parallel catering if both Kashrut systems are in practice for an event.

    • Cheese & cheese products (e.g. fromage frais, & including vegetarian products that include cheese).
    • Bread (e.g. Kingsmill) is acceptable
    • Anything including wine or grape juice in its ingredients (eg some vinegars).
    • Wine and grape juice. Spirits should be checked by type for their kashrut status.
    • Baked goods (lists of kosher products for the above categories are in the Good Kosher Nosh Guides & app)
    • Flour must be finely sifted to ensure it is free of bugs.
    • Eggs (unless boiling) must be checked for blood spots
    • Fruits such as raspberries and vegetables such as lettuces will need to be especially thoroughly checked for bugs


  1. Home preparation

The rules in 2 and 3 must be followed depending whether the food is for Liberal/Reform or Masorti use. Any food prepared according to Masorti practice should be prepared on site at Stanmore Hill (or brought in with a hekhsher).


  1. Kitchen

The default operation of the kitchen is according to Liberal/Reform practice.

Specific routines and apply Masorti use; and equipment for Masorti is marked or stored separately.

If both kashrut policies are operating, then separate preparation areas must be retained in the kitchen.

Prior to preparation of hot food according to Masorti practice, the steam oven will be kashered by being cleaned and run on its highest setting for one hour and relevant areas as Rabbinically directed,  may need to be kashered.

Food going in the warming or cooking ovens must be double wrapped if it is being used for food prepared according to different kashrut or vegetarian practices.


  1. Shabbat guidance for Masorti practice

Any food for Shabbat must be fully cooked before Shabbat.

Rabbinic advice should be sought for warming of food which may be done using an oven or hotplate that is left on for all of Shabbat, or that goes on with a timer.  An urn or Shabbat kettle may be used to keep the water hot.

All food packaging, with or without writing on it, can be opened (opening cans, bottles, ripping the bag)

Food should not be prepared on Shabbat for use after Shabbat

Masorti members would not be expected to use the dishwasher on Shabbat but it may be loaded for later operation. Liberal and Reform members may use the dishwasher as / if required.


  1. Events

All joint events will make available food prepared according to the practices of each community. Masorti will have a volunteer team leader when the kitchen is operating to the Masorti kashrut practice. The Masorti representative should be the Rabbi, or a volunteer mashgiach who has been trained by the Rabbi.

Where food is being provided according to Liberal /Reform practice provision will be made for a separate table of hekshered products, clearly labelled according to Masorti practice

On Shabbat where we are serving hot drinks, facilities will be provided to accommodate Masorti practice, and will be labelled as such.


  1. Outside catering

Ask the office for approved caterers.  All the above rules must be followed.


  1. Pesach

No bread or other hametz / or prepared food can be brought into the Community during Pesach.

Detailed instructions for cleaning the kitchen and equipment for Pesach are available separately.

Prior to Pesach, single use metal utensils – including cutlery but not including baking trays/pots/pans –  will be kashered by immersion in boiling water.



January 2023