Welcoming and Inclusive

Mosaic Liberal Synagogue (formerly Harrow & Wembley Progressive Synagogue) is an inclusive, friendly and caring community that welcomes all Jews and non Jewish spouses and partners and their children. Here members can enjoy Liberal Judaism in an informal and welcoming B'Day & baby Blessings Oct 14environment.  We are a member synagogue of Liberal Judaism, we affirm the dynamic, developing character of our Jewish religious tradition. We are welcoming, open and forward-looking. We engage with society as we find it, and lead from the front. We play an active role in building collaboration across the Jewish community and with other faiths and causes

We are an inclusive community and welcome mixed faith couples and families to Kabbalat Torah 2014our community. The Rabbi also conducts acts of prayer at weddings for mixed faith couples, according to the guidelines of the Liberal Judaism Rabbinic Conference.

We are delighted to have Rabbi Rachel Benjamin with our community – you can contact her here.  Our Community Care team, led by Angela Peters is on hand to support our members at this time.