Services are held each Shabbat (Friday evenings at 7.00pm and Saturday mornings at 11.00am), and we celebrate all the Festivals and hold a Communal Seder on second night Passover.

Our prayer book with its modern liturgy is called Siddur Lev Chadash, which means, literally, “Service of the New Heart”. This prayer book was introduced nearly sixteen years ago and our former Rabbi, Dr Charles H. Middleburgh, was the associate editor.

NewSynBessThe services are led by the Rabbi in Hebrew and English, and all are welcome to join in with the reading and singing.

Our wonderful professional choir enables us to pray with sincerity, spirituality and warmth. Our services are quite short and avoid repetition and are conducted with order and decorum – less buzz, more focus!

After the Shabbat morning services we join with our friends in Mosaic Reform to share kiddush together.

Visitors and guests are welcome and will find a friendly, relevant and uplifting service.

This shabbat:

Liberal Service

Shabbat Lech Lecha

The Shabbat evening service starts at 7.00 pm at the home of Pat & Paul Zatz in Pinner.  (For details please contact Kevin Ziants or the office). The Shabbat morning service starts at 11.00 am and will be led by Janet & Alan Solomon & Pam Watson.

To view the service via our live streaming on Shabbat, click here

Other services:

Joint Erev Shabbat Service

Friday November 15
Continuing the alternating monthly arrangement, Mosaic Liberal will be joining the Mosaic Reform Erev Shabbat service downstairs in the Reform Synagogue. Yahrzeit will be observed for both Reform and Liberal members. Next month (December)  the joint service will be led by Mosaic Liberal upstairs.  These special services will usually be held on the third Friday of ...

Contemplative Service

Friday January 03
We invite everyone to join us at 7.00 pm for Kabbalat Shabbat – our contemplative Friday Night service which invites us to leave behind the busy-ness of the week and experience the precious gift of peace (shalom), rest (menucha) and renewal (nafash) that Shabbat offers. Here is a space for quiet reflection, personal prayer, music to lift the spirit ...