Services are held each Shabbat (Friday evenings at 7.00pm and Saturday mornings at 11.00am), and we celebrate all the Festivals and hold a Communal Seder on second night Passover.

Our prayer book with its modern liturgy is called Siddur Lev Chadash, which means, literally, “Service of the New Heart”. This prayer book was introduced nearly sixteen years ago and our former Rabbi, Dr Charles H. Middleburgh, was the associate editor.

NewSynBessThe services are led by the Rabbi in Hebrew and English, and all are welcome to join in with the reading and singing.

Our wonderful professional choir enables us to pray with sincerity, spirituality and warmth. Our services are quite short and avoid repetition and are conducted with order and decorum – less buzz, more focus!

After the Shabbat morning services we join with our friends in Mosaic Reform to share kiddush together.

Visitors and guests are welcome and will find a friendly, relevant and uplifting service.

This shabbat:

Liberal Service

Shabbat Beha’alotecha

There are no services at Bessborough Road. However, we will be holding streamed services via the Internet, as follows:

Joint Erev Shabbat service (led by Mosaic Reform) starts at 7.00 pm. To join click one of the links below:
Erev Shabbat Interactive Service (If required, the meeting ID is 675-420-773)
Erev Shabbat View Only Service

The Shabbat morning service will be led by Student Rabbi Anna Posner.  It starts at 11:00 am. To join click one of the links below:
Shabbat Morning Liberal Interactive Service (If required, the meeting ID is 535-055-385)
Shabbat Morning Liberal View Only Service

Note: Interactive meetings will be opened around 30 minutes before the service starts to allow everyone to connect.

This is a link to our prayer book, Siddur Lev Chadash:


Running the ...

Other services:

A Service for Comfort and Strength

Wednesday June 17
with Rabbis Rachel, Kathleen and Natasha and Esther Aronsfeld Wednesday 17 June at 11 am We recognise that the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have been a source of stress and anxiety for many people Join us for a special community time of prayer and music to nourish the soul, touch the heart, engage the mind and relax ...