Marriage has always been highly valued in Jewish tradition. Traditionally between two persons of the opposite gender and associated in Judaism with procreation, it is now often entered into as part of a public, legal and – in our case – spiritual cementing of a lifelong loving partnership. Solemnising a marriage under a chuppah is a central rabbinical task. The chuppah wedding is a joy and it is an honour to witness – and bless – a partnership that is often in its infancy. For many, the chuppah represents one of the first steps they take on their Jewish journey together, and we look forward to accompanying the couple during whatever else life brings their way.

All our Mosaic Rabbis are delighted to officiate at Jewish weddings in our synagogue, or at a venue of your choice, and will help you to prepare for this special occasion and to make your chuppa ceremony meaningful to you. Please contact Rabbi Rachel Benjamin (Liberal), Rabbi Kathleen de Magtige-Middleton (Reform), or Rabbi Anthony Lazarus Magrill (Masorti) to discuss this further.  All of our Rabbis can discuss both the similarities and differences between a Liberal, Masorti and Reform wedding and help you decide which to choose.

Our Rabbis are always ready to discuss, advise and help where one partner is Jewish and the other is not. Mosaic practises a positive and welcoming approach towards families of mixed faith and to those who wish to convert to Judaism.  For more information on conversion, click here.

Please note: The law of England and Wales (but not yet in Scotland) permits marriage between two persons of either gender but stipulates that, when a couple wishes to be married under Jewish auspices, both partners must be Jewish.

Mixed Faith Blessings

We recognise that love often knows no religious boundary, and Jews do not just fall in love with other Jews. We hope that instead of the Jewish partner ‘marrying out’, the non-Jewish partner will be encouraged to ‘marry in,’ whether figuratively or literally. We do this by welcoming non-Jewish partners and spouses into our congregation as valued friends and sometimes as converts under our auspices. While the law does not authorise rabbis to solemnise mixed-faith marriages (whether mixed-sex or same-sex), Rabbi Rachel Benjamin is happy to perform blessings on such, provided that the non-Jewish partner is committed to building a Jewish home and to raising any shared children as Jews. Mixed faith blessings do not take place under a chuppah, and are different in structure and content to the Jewish marriage ceremony. To find out more about mixed faith blessings, and to discuss whether and how one might work for you, please contact Rabbi Rachel Benjamin.

Same Sex Weddings or Blessings

Liberal Judaism communities delight in celebrating the love of two persons, regardless of gender, and Rabbi Rachel Benjamin is delighted to perform a Jewish wedding for same-sex couples when both are Jewish. For more information and to discuss this further please contact Rabbi Rachel Benjamin.

Rabbi Rachel Benjamin is also delighted to bless mixed-faith same-sex couples following their civil partnership. This blessing can take place at the registry office following the civil partnership ceremony or at another venue.  For more information about having a blessing on your civil partnership, and to discuss this further please contact Rabbi Rachel Benjamin.