About Mosaic Masorti

We are proud of our relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Mosaic Masorti Synagogue was founded as Hatch End Masorti Synagogue (HEMS) in 1998 by a small group of families, and for many years held its services in premises off Grimsdyke Road car park. It is now part of Mosaic Jewish Community and is based in the Synagogue at 1a Halsbury Road, Stanmore Hill HA7 3DY.

Masorti is the Hebrew word for tradition and Masorti Judaism is traditional yet practised in a spirit of open-minded enquiry and tolerance. In general you will notice very little difference between a service in our synagogue and that in any other traditional synagogue.

Masorti  recognises that Jewish law permits a number of practices that are not carried out in most orthodox synagogues. For example, at Mosaic Masorti women are counted as part of the minyan and men and women are seated together. We welcome children of all ages and make no distinction between girls and boys either in what is taught or what they undertake for their bar or bat mitzvah.

In addition to our Shabbat services  we hold services for all the major festivals. In particular, we enjoy lively communal Pesach Seders and  Purim, Chanukah and Simchat Torah parties. We also hold regular youth services. Our popular Friday night services are a special time for the community to get together to enjoy each other’s company and to share in prayer. Services take place monthly at members’ homes and are followed by a delicious informal communal supper.

At Mosaic Masorti we take  education  seriously, which doesn’t mean it can’t be fun ! We help our members develop a knowledge and understanding of Judaism and strengthen their competencies in synagogue skills. Mosaic Masorti is committed to providing learning opportunities for all its members. From sessions that provide an insight into understanding the Torah, to learning more about Masorti or participating in a lively discussion about the week’s sedra. Our aim is to stimulate learning and debate in an informal and inclusive way. Mosaic Masorti members can also benefit from the learning opportunities provided by the Lishma Jewish Study Centres, the educational arm of the Masorti movement.

At Mosaic Masorti we organise a number of vibrant social activities for young people via the Masorti youth group NOAM.

The Synagogue has a simple fee structure, with rates for families, couples and singles.

For more information on these rates, including attractive introductory rates for new members, contact the Membership Team.

Full member fees include burial through the Joint Jewish Burial Society [http://www.jjbs.org.uk]. In addition to traditional burial the Jewish Joint Burial Society now offers woodland burial and mixed faith burial allowing a non-Jewish partner to be buried together with their Jewish partner.