Mosaic+ is the space in our community that works between and beyond the three denominational communities.


Mosaic+  serves two purposes: in Mosaic+ you’ll find children’s, community dinners, learning opportunities, celebrations and anything else that brings the three communities together under their one umbrella. However, without its own minhag (tradition) or denominational ties, Mosaic+ is a space that is waiting to be developed with you and by YOU. A space for those who have not previously felt drawn to one particular denomination, who may want to seek out different ways of expressing spirituality, who may want to explore how to engage with Jewish community if you do not believe in God, who may want to connect with Jewish community but are not sure you ‘fit the mold’ or however else a person may be seeking, Mosaic+ is a space for exploration, for spirituality, for social justice and for all individuals who want to discover and build alongside us.

If that sounds interesting or intriguing then please contact Rabbi Anna Wolfson to find out more: