Covid-19 Update

This page shows news and updates for Synagogue activities following the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. You will also find updated information in our weekly email. If you don’t yet receive our weekly emails and would like to, click here to register. You don’t need to be a member to register for our emails.

We are connecting each Shabbat and through the week on Zoom:

We also have further information and links to resources you may find useful HERE

Our community continues to offer help:

Supporting our members – practically and emotionally, We have teams of volunteers and staff maintaining contact with all our members, including helping with shopping and errands for members who are self-isolating. Our Rabbis, care co-ordinators and trained volunteers are providing support where people are ill, hospitalised or bereaved. Please do contact us if you need our help or just feel you need to talk to someone.

Please contact any of us if you would like to discuss this or anything else we can help with:

David Leibling, Mosaic Jewish Community co-chairs (contact us)
Rabbi Rachel Benjamin (contact)
Adrian Cohen, Mosaic Liberal Synagogue chair (contact)
Rabbi Anthony Lazarus-Magrill, Mosaic Masorti Synagogue (contact)
Edwin Lucas, Mosaic Masorti Synagogue co-chairs (contact us)
Rabbi Kathleen Middleton, Mosaic Reform Synagogue (contact)
Harry Grant, Mosaic Reform Synagogue chair (contact)