One small step for a co-chair, one giant leap for Mosaic

Thursday, July 21

We have created something unique in the Jewish world – while there are other examples of synagogues co-operating, Mosaic has gone further than anywhere else and the key principle, as defined in our articles, is that we respect and celebrate both our different approaches to Judaism and what we share in common as Jews.  This is unique!

This approach has enabled us to better respond to the difficulties of the past few years – as a community and as individuals – and I would once again like to express my gratitude to the volunteers, Rabbis and staff who have and are “holding” the community.

We are on the cusp of moving into our new home on Stanmore Hill in the coming weeks.  As one of the team who has been on site several times a week for the past 12+ months it has been all too easy to get caught up in the details of plans, implementation and snaggings so I am grateful to some recent first-time visitors who have reminded me what an incredible space we have created – Bessborough Road was the most flexible synagogue building in the world of its size when it was built and Stanmore Hill is both significantly bigger in the main space and dramatically more flexible.  It is unique, hugely exciting and, dare I say, it is beautiful as a home for our community.

installed partitions and space at north east of building

All of this is exciting, but it’s what we do in the space that matters.  We already have some great ideas for new activities and events and would love to hear your thoughts. What are you passionate about in your Jewish life, what intrigues you, what excites you about community?  Now is the time for us take that next leap on our Jewish journey.  Please contact me with your thoughts

Mark Phillips

July 21, 2022