Our New Home – Latest

Thursday, September 8

Our New Home – Latest . By Mark Phillips.

Our new building is an extraordinary space that provides a uniquely flexible home for our community and our three synagogues, and it has been great to see the excitement of those visiting the site for the first time as we near completion and handover of the building.  Unfortunately, as I write this newsletter, there is no definitive handover date to announce.  But as Rosh Hashana approaches, there will be further news to report very soon, so please look out for information on the website and in the weekly online newsletter.  As much as we want to get the building “today” we are also aware that this is a building we will live in for 20, 30, 40 or more years and we must get that right – this is not the time to cut corners and then live with the consequences of poor decisions.  So as frustrating as that is, please bear with us while we get the last details right and provide a home for our community that will wow us for decades to come.

Please do contact us with any thoughts, questions or anything else

September 8, 2022