Support the Ukrainian Jewish Community

Wednesday, February 23

All of us within Mosaic Jewish Community will be thinking of the terrible situation faced by our fellow Jews and all the people of Ukraine following the news we woke up to this morning of the completely unprovoked invasion by Russia into the country.    Members of Mosaic Liberal in particular will be worrying about their friend Rabbi Alex Dukhovny, Chief Rabbi of the Religious Union for Progressive Jewish Communities in Ukraine, who was with them as Assistant Rabbi before obtaining his semicha.     Our thoughts are with Rabbi Alex, his colleagues and congregations at this very worrying time, and we wish them all strength as we pray for their safety and a speedy end to the conflict.

If you are looking for a way to express solidarity and practical support to the Ukrainian Jewish community, please have a look at this link :

In the light of the recent conflict on the Ukrainian border, the World Union for Progressive Judaism has launched the Ukraine Crisis Fund. We ask people from all over the world to make donations towards the support of the Jewish community in Ukraine. Money will be spent on individuals and communities to ensure their safety and wellbeing. If the conflict escalates further, your money will become crucial in providing necessary help for many people. If the tension eases, the fund will be spent on the development of the progressive Jewish community in Ukraine.

Rabbis in Ukraine are currently trying to ensure safety and wellbeing and provide pastoral support to their communities. Some of them decided to move Torah scrolls to safe places, help community leaders and congregants to move further from the Russian border and organise security for their synagogues.

February 23, 2022