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Thursday, October 21

Henry with his daughter Valerie and granddaughter Catherine on his 99th birthday.

Shehechyonus – here we come.

Those who attend Mosaic Masorti, even on an irregular basis, will know that I am not the greatest davener in our Stiebel. I do however like certain traditions and Neilah in our shul is a highlight for me as I stand there and contemplate, as  my future is being sealed in the Book of Events for the next year.  It is so gripping, that even as the curtain closeth, I am still alert enough to, think and consider.

My other special event which everyone in shul knows, is my penchant for shehechyonus.  They are uplifting and in nearly all cases bring joy and happiness. The writing of this foreword is a shehechyonu occasion, as I am doing something for the first time in our shul’s 22 year existence.   You could say that nothing can be new but this weekend is special.  This Sunday we are planning to recite a Shehechyonu for our first male centurian.  We will soon have two centurians in our community, which will make up just under 2% of our membership.  That is special.

We think of our members a great deal and think about how they have contributed to our community life. Henry loved, in his mid 90’s, to play on the computer and looked at ways to improve our shul efficiency.  We were writing greeting emails to members for birthdays and anniversaries and Henry popped in to see me one day and said I was  not up to date with computers and technology. He was right, as Ann and the Jackies in the office know and then showed me how to compile and send out e-greeting cards. We implemented this within a few weeks and every member at Mosaic Masorti receives a personalised e-greeting for every anniversary and birthday. They are wonderful and we have progressed to sending  them out at Rosh Hashanah and Chanucah too.  They are so popular and such fun to receive. I thank Jackie Kalms for taking on Henry’s idea with such enthusiasm and timeliness.  Out of site – no, I have not made a spelling error, as Henry has moved to a new site in Mill Hill. We will be drinking a lechayim to him both this shabbas, in advance of his shehechyonu birthday and next shabbas too, as we at Mosaic Masorti like to have a lechayim for every occasion. So, out of sight, and site, is in mind.

Enjoy your shabbas, wherever you are and whoever you are with and think if you can find a reason to have a shehechyonu lechyaim.  You have given me an idea and that is that we should do an article for the December issue of Kehila, about all our shehechyonus.  Lechayim to one and all of you throughout Mosaic.

Edwin Lucas, Joint Chairman Mosaic Masorti

October 21, 2021