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Thought for the week – how lucky we are

Thursday, June 10

When I found I had ‘volunteered’ to do this week’s foreward, my first reaction was “are you kidding me?  On top of everything else?”, but then I appreciated what an honour it was, so here are my thoughts, hopefully fun, but not terribly profound!

Our daughter Daniella is having her Bat Mitzvah this week. Yes, 13 years ago, our gorgeous baby came into the world, with her tufty hair,  looked at me with her big brown eyes, and changed our lives for ever!  Sheer joy at times, but a good night’s sleep, or anything more than 3 hours at a time became a fond, but very nostalgic memory.

Now my baby girl is almost as tall as me (I’m 5’ 7”) , and we’re considering reinforcing the door hinges as we prepare to embrace the teenage years!  Oh how nice it was when she was little & we didn’t have to worry about tik-tok, online security, and I could at least find my makeup (on the odd occasion I had time to look at it!).  On the plus side, we can get a good night’s sleep now.  My point is let’s appreciate what we have at the time – its so easy to get caught up in everyday life and forget how truly lucky we are. “Don’t forget to be happy” as someone once told me.   For me, one of our blessings is the amazing community we are part of.  I’ve seen first hand the fantastic support available from Mosaic when you need it, and there is so much going on – just look at all the events in this week’s notices (follow on from this).   And if like me, you are often too busy to attend at the time, most are recorded, so you can watch them at your leisure – what an amazing library that must be becoming.

Speaking of appreciating or moaning about your lot, Daniella wrote the following poem.   I’d like to dedicate it to anyone who has ever struggled with their hair:  those with curly hair who’ve blow-dried their hair within an inch of its life, only for it to turn it into a Diana Ross / poodle look at even the mention of rain; parents looking for unwelcome visitors in their child’s hair; those with poker straight hair who struggle to get even a hair clip to stay in; teenagers experimenting with colour and ending up with multi-coloured hair, ….  Need I go on?

Sometimes my hair is curly, Sometimes it’s very twirly
Sometimes it’s wavy, Sometimes it’s lazy
It’s a great big mess, Oh, I wish it was less
My hair is everywhere, It’s my worst nightmare
My hair is all tangled, It’s like it’s been mangled
It’s as messy as a bird’s nest, And it never, ever rests
Mum calls it bed hair, I call it manic, It sends me into a great big panic
Lotions and potions, I’ve tried them all out, My hair now smells like a Brussel Sprout!
I’ve tried so many types of shampoo, My head is now like bamboo
Of long flowing locks I dream, I want to shout and scream
“You crazy rebel without a cause, It’s time for a pause!”
My hair has a life of its own, And it won’t leave me alone!

See you Saturday
Shabbat shalom

Kathy Phillips


June 10, 2021