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Thursday, June 24

As I watched the three symbolic bricks laid at 65 Stanmore Hill, I reflected on the different journeys that bring each of us and our communities to this point, and how we each respond in different ways to what we have experienced.

There is much to be excited about – as we see our new community home being built, and the expectation that we can soon (ish?) resume in-person activities with less restrictions.  However I also see the diversity of responses – some are excited and keen to move forward quickly, while others are understandably afraid of changes and seeking to hold on to what stability they have.  Our responses are conditioned by the past 15 months – where again our experiences have been extremely diverse:  some have found working from home empowering and have had a less frenetic pace, while others are struggling to come to terms with losses, being apart from loved ones and stresses arising from lockdowns.  Underneath that is also for many a lack of trust that our political leaders have the skills to manage the situation or that they are acting in our best interests.

Our response as a Community is to take the opportunities we see – but to do so cautiously, and in ways that acknowledge the diversity of experiences and needs as above.  We have had our first few “hybrid” / in-person shabbat services at Mosaic Masorti and Mosaic Reform, and are slowly ramping up over the summer, while continuing with activities on zoom.  Where possible we are doing in-person activities outside and if you would like to, and are able to, host a service or other (small!) event in your garden over the summer then please contact us to discuss this.

My slightly random musings are in part also based on a project that we started some months ago with small groups of members exploring our jewish stories – what choosing a jewish life means to each of us.  This project will be continuing across the community over the coming months (many thanks to the team) and one of the initial ideas that arose is the Jewish meditation experience on Sunday 4th July.  Given the past 15 months maybe we could all use some space together for contemplation and relaxation?

I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts, comments or questions on anything about Mosaic, so please contact me

Shabbat shalom

Mark Phillips, Mosaic Jewish Community co-chair

June 24, 2021