Thoughts for the week

Thursday, July 1

It is so exciting to see photos of the brick laying ceremony and to feel that our dream of moving to our new spiritual home is actually becoming reality.  Living in Stanmore I often pass the old petrol station and feel a real flutter of excitement as I see progress on the building site.  Even though our community activities are limited to zoom at the moment I’m sure I’m not the only one longing to get together in person, which hopefully we will be able to do for the High Holy Days if not before.  As I’m on the Rites & Practices Committee at Mosaic Liberal Synagogue I can tell you we’re working really hard on preparing services and mitzvot for Yomtov (which is really just round the corner) whether they will be in person or on zoom or a combination of both.  I’m sure our sister Mosaic communities are doing similar.

Having to stay home during the Covid lockdowns and curtailing usual activities would have been hard enough, but being physically without the building was certainly very difficult for many of our regular attendees.  But thanks to the indefatigable Jane Prentice and her Community Group there are so many activities that it’s hard to find time to join in as many as I would like.  I’ll certainly find time this coming Sunday at 2:00 for a zoom “Experience of Jewish Meditation” with our member and coordinator of our Care Group Esther Aronsfeld, especially as it’s suitable for beginners and no need to sit in a lotus position!    Another fascinating event, also on Sunday, is a session called “Did God Workout?” – which is about art and biblical crticism.  Another unmissable zoom session is member and athlete Danielle Sanderson being interviewed on Tuesday at 2:30.

I have to say that one of my favourite zoom activities is Tea and Torah on Wednesday mornings at 11:00.  Whether it’s Rabbi Kathleen, Rabbi Rachel or Rabbi Natasha leading the session it is so fascinating to delve into the weekly Torah portion and study maybe only a couple of verses in depth.  Discussions are wide ranging and can go off in all kinds of interesting directions – and the atmosphere is warm and congenial.  Can’t wait till we can get together in person, and I can walk to shul which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Lindsey Cohen

July 1, 2021