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Thursday, July 29


As I write in late July, summer arrived with a vengeance, but was then replaced by storms! Oh to be by a pool overseas! However, the furthest we have made it this year is the Cotswolds. Whilst so-called ‘Freedom Day’ occurred on 19th July we remain constrained, as the Delta variant continues to hit the UK.

It’s now 16 months since I hugged my son, Joseph. He lives in New York, and our family miss him. We missed his 30th birthday in June. I’m sure there are many similar stories across the Mosaic Community, where we have been unable to meet (physically) close friends and relatives and/or share important occasions with them. In some cases, this sadly means not wishing ‘long life’ in person to those mourning when someone close has passed away, due to Covid-19 or for other reasons. As infections per day remain in the tens of thousands, and deaths and hospitalisations increase again, it is likely to be some time before we will truly be free and back to relative normality.

In the meantime, we must do our best and be grateful we have Zoom! We continue to hold Liberal and Reform Shabbat morning and evening services on Zoom, and I would encourage you all to join these – give them a try! The services, led by our Rabbis and other guest preachers, are always spiritually uplifting and meaningful, and allow us to meet together as a community.

On Sunday 1st August we have Edwin Lucas, a chance to ‘Meet the Teetotal Miniamphilist’ at 5:30 pm! This is followed on Tuesday 3rd August by an opportunity to ‘Meet Norma Brier, OBE’, at 2:30pm when Steve Levinson will interview Norma on her experiences supporting children and people with learning disabilities, including her time as Executive Director of Ravenswood.


Steven Sanderson


July 29, 2021