Thoughts for the Week

Thursday, January 20

A Big Launch

This past Monday The Mosaic Listening Project was launched! As part of Mosaic’s focus on the greater engagement of our members in community life, within the new building, we are keen to create an environment that, based on what we learn from conversations with our members, inspires them to participate and become more involved in our community.  

We now have a Mosaic Listening Project team comprising representatives from all three of our synagogues, under the support and guidance of Amit Handelsman, Director of Community Partnership (south) at the Movement for Reform Judaism, who has kindly agreed to oversee this project for all three of our synagogues participating in this project.

These dedicated volunteers and the community rabbis,  want to hear from YOU about your time at Mosaic and what is important to you about the community. Over the next couple of months, these volunteers who represent all three of the communities will be in touch with many of you to arrange conversations in order to hear your thoughts and your story. We hope that what we learn from the Mosaic Listening Project will help make Mosaic work in the very best way possible for all our members across the three synagogues. As the newest member of the Mosaic Rabbinic team, I so look forward to getting to know you all better and seeing how what is gained from the Mosaic Listening Project can guide our revolutionary new venture together. When you receive your email please do take the opportunity to have your story heard.

In the meantime, if you would like to know any more about it, please do feel free to contact Marilyn Freeman, who is leading this project, on

Rabbi Anna

January 20, 2022