Thoughts for the Week

Thursday, January 6

Tomorrow I am celebrating my centenary birthday, plus 2.  I have been told I am the oldest congregant at Mosaic and I was surprised to hear that. People ask how I have done it and I can only say it is by playing bridge. What does someone of my youth need to have as something new and the answer is “Not a lot”. I like to do my nails but do not need lots of different colours. I am not a shul goer but know how much the new community home means to my family, as well as everyone at Mosaic. It is so exciting to be part of this major development and I am so looking forward to having a cup of tea, in the new location.

Shul going was never something I did as a youngster in Krefeld, Germany and the Holocaust brought its own issues to me, moving to London and the loss of my wider family. It is only in the last 25 years since my granddaughter Gillian was born that I have regularly taken part in Shabbas Candles and now, here at Elton House care home, I would not miss the weekly lighting of candles for anything. It is what being a member of a community is about and a time to get together for a glass of wine and some freshly baked challah.

I enjoy joining Mosaic’s events on Zoom and am looking forward to celebrating Tu b’Shevat the week after next

I am not a Palwin drinker, but do like a cup of black tea and some Madeira cake. I hope to join you all at Stanmore Hill this Spring and am delighted to support the new shul by making a donation towards new crockery – I just hope we have enough for everyone old and new who wants to have a cuppa at the same time.


Lore Lucas

January 6, 2022