Thoughts for the Week

Thursday, February 10

Socially Yours

Yes, the weeks pass and I am now a century, plus two, plus one – month. I want to thank those at Mosaic who dropped me a line. This birthday was different, as I was in lockdown for the second birthday running. I felt like a youngster with just 2 candles. – Well I am a youngster, as I can still play bridge.

Talking about bridge, I wonder how many would like to join me for a game of bridge, when Stanmore Hill opens. I know there will be afternoon tea and all I need is another 3 people to make up a table. Bridge is social, bridge is mind enriching and most important of all, bridge is fun. So please, let Ann and Jackie in the office know, if you are interested to play bridge with me and those younger than me, too.

A few weeks back we celebrated New Year and this one was for Trees. Last year we planted a Peach tree for Tu B’Shevat. It has grown but there has been no fruit. Someone, said I would have to wait another 4 years. I will be a century plus 6, by then and wonder if my hands will be strong enough to cut it open.  Just like playing bridge at Stanmore Hill, it is something to look forward to.

People have asked me how I felt about Holocaust Memorial Day.  I, as a refugee, was in London the day war broke out and I met my future husband on that day.  There was no J-date or mobile phone swiping. We met people in person and on my date we filled sandbags, as part of the war effort.  I would not wish a war anywhere but there was real friendship and camaraderie at this time.  I am still friends with a person from then, as are my family and granddaughter. Sticking together and lending a hand, is so key. That is such an important part of synagogue, be it with bridge playing, friendship clubs, lectures, zooming, or even bridge competitions, in case you missed the word bridge earlier.

Lore Lucas – Active Bridge Player

February 10, 2022