Thoughts for the Week

Thursday, April 8

As we plough further into Leviticus, and read sedra Shemini this week, our thoughts focus on Kashrut, yet again looking at another aspect of the detail of building our new home on Stanmore Hill. How fortunate that our forefathers chose (so far as I am aware) not to issue instructions on different shades of floor covering. Maybe they tried but just gave up arguing.

As ever, it has been a particularly busy week, zooming new friends in Israel at our twin Community of Darchei Noam in Ramat Hasharon, holding a most moving Yom Hashoah service and returning to a more conventional culinary regime after Pesach.

Look out next week for our quiz on Sunday, a talk on the craft of being a toast master on Tuesday, and David Baddiel talking about his important new book on Wednesday.

Shobbos greetings to all.

Harry Grant

April 8, 2021