Thoughts for the Week

Thursday, January 5


I cannot say that I have done something special to reach my age. Playing bridge, has been a major feature in my lifetime and I sadly only play 3 times per week, which is just sufficient to keep me alert and stimulated but, I’d love to play more.

As I lit the Chanucah candles this year, the question came up as to how many Chanucah candles have been lit in my days. My granddaughter is a teacher and what fun her pupils will have, to work this out. It is practical sums. The answer is 4,488 candles so far, including the lead one – each night. The question then arose as to, how many shabbat candles I have been around for and it is 10,710.  Gillian’s pupils could make a mistake, but I am not 103 till Shabbas morning, so I wonder if her students will calculate the right answer.  So, the last question is obvious and I ask how many birthday candles I will have lit, by my birthday tea.  Some of you will know a formula. It is 5,356 candles. So, by the end of my birthday this year, I will have experienced 20,556 candles.  At my age, one should not look too far into the future, but in 365 days’ time, I will have used in the next year, the same number of shabbas candles during the year, as my age will be, by my next birthday.

There used to be a game called Trivial pursuits, which I did not like. I have a question and it is not a trick one, but how many days have I been on earth?  I know the weekly bulletin is important and I congratulate everyone for finding interesting things to write about for my weekly interest, but one has to read it from beginning to end, to know what is going on.  You will have to flick through to somewhere near the end of the general section, to find the answer……………

Lore Lucas

January 5, 2023