Thoughts for the Week

Thursday, March 2


There is something tremendously liberating in dressing up in fancy dress, loudly drowning out the name of our adversary during the reading of a story, and in just being a bit silly. Letting our hair down is not something one does very often in polite society, but neither do we often think that right and wrong are as easily recognizable as they are in the Purim story.

Perhaps that is precisely why there is a practice connected to Purim to drink – not so that we are a tad tipsy, but ‘ad d’ lo yada’ (literally until one does not know), until the distinction between Mordechai and the evil Haman becomes unclear!

In the topsy turvy world of Purim we need to get a little shikker to see the world how it is;  to be reminded of the sobering fact that in the real world good and evil are not as easily distinguishable as they are in the Purim story.

We do not really support irresponsible drinking, so why not come along and indulge in the make-believe world  of Purim and join us, suitably attired (in fancy dress), on Monday 6th March  and Monday 7th March for a whole variety of Purim activities.

Rabbi Kathleen

March 2, 2023