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Wednesday, April 21

From David Leibling – our project manager for Bessborough Road exit (BExit), photographed at the top of a ladder!

We’re very nearly there handing over the synagogue. Thanks to all those who have offered space for storage in the interim – and a reminder to please contact us if you have space for any of the remaining 10 boxes. We managed to upcycle the vast majority of what we  aren’t taking with us, and that leaves just the office to relocate when we get our marching orders.  I am sure the next 12 months will pass quickly as we look forward to our new community home.

Turning to the coming week, we have Professor Simon Barak talking about his research on genes that allow plants to survive in the Negev desert. We all know how dry and arid the desert is but Israelis have successfully developed a range of techniques to enable the desert to bloom. It’s at 3 pm on Sunday. Our Tuesday 2.30 pm slot is Dr Jennifer Langer from the Centre for Jewish Studies at SOAS talking about Exiled Writers Ink which brings together writers from repressive regimes and war-torn situations and it equally embraces migrants and exiles.
With the London Mayoral and Assembly elections occurring on 6 May, we have a Harrow and Brent Jewish Hustings session on Thursday 29 April. Bearing in mind there are 20 candidates for Mayor, all with very similar manifesto promises, hopefully this session will help you decide how to vote. Pre-registration is required for this event.

April 21, 2021