Thoughts for the week

Thursday, April 29

This week’s parasha is Emor in which we read the sections regarding the Jewish calendar of festivals and the cycle of the new month and the regular rhythm, punctuation and sanctity of the weekly Shabbat.

The cycle of my personal week is linked to the rhythms of my garden, of growth and succession and the joys that each season brings. As I look at the seedlings on my windowsill, the small plants in the cold-frames and the apple blossom on the trees I also rejoice in the seasons and just as I nurture and cajole my natural surroundings, I reflect that I feel that nurturing my spiritual self brings challenge and contentment to my inner world.

I am looking forward to welcoming Brett Coppin to Mosaic on May 9th with a Q & A on his film , “The Tattooed Torah”, a version of the well-loved story written by his grandmother and now rendered for the screen. Brett spent a weekend with Mosaic Masorti in 2017 when he was studying to be a rabbi at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. The film was in its nascent stage at that point and I am sure his presentation of how the film came to be made with a special showing for Mosaic,will remind us of the continuity of the values contained in those scrolls, the stories of those whose hands they passed through and link to the familial connections which bind us all to generations past and future.

Shabbat Shalom

Gill Ross

April 29, 2021