Thoughts for the week

Thursday, March 18

We thought we’d liven up the newsletter by asking a member of the community to give their thoughts for the week ahead and highlight their personal favourites from forthcoming events.

The highlight for me will be spending part of my birthday on Sunday 21st with the fascinating Dr Johnson Beharry VC COG, I can’t miss the stories of his army service, his gallantry and the work of his charitable foundation.

During the week I’ll preparing for Pesach and reflecting that on 23rd March 2020 the Prime Minister announced the first national lockdown, which came into effect on 26th March.

So we will celebrate the festival of our freedom, z’man cherutenu, for the second year in lockdown. Is the vaccine rollout leading us out of the wilderness? Let’s hope us

Have a good week and stay safe

Jeff Highfield, Co-chair, Mosaic Jewish Community

March 18, 2021