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Walking the Pennines


“Walking the Pennines” by John Ashmele

My retirement bucket list had always included a trip to take in Wainwright’s coast-to-coast walk across the Pennines. I still haven’t got round to it, but this month I did the next best thing and walked the Pennine Way in ... read more

Wine Tasting Evening




In my wisdom I decided it would be rather nice to attend the above evening along with 16 other Mosaic Reform/Liberal members. It was organised and presented by Reform member Robin Goldsmith.

Tables had been laid with plates of ... read more

More of the same or a step into the unknown?


Mosaic hosted a briefing about the forthcoming Israeli election.  Titled “More of the same or a step into the unknown?” the evening featured a panel of eminent speakers: Alan Johnson of BICOM, Jerry Lewis of the Jerusalem Post, Arieh Miller from the Israeli Embassy, and our own ... read more

Freddie Knoller at Mosaic Hamakom

IMG_3461 (2)“Freddie Knoller told of his experiences during the Shoah. It gave me a completely new insight into this horrible and tragic event. You can read as many history books as you like, none compare to hearing the real story from the perspective of a survivor.  ... read more

Purim at Mosaic

P1110994Purim takes on a bitter sweet note when you realise part of the play you are enjoying was performed in the Terezin/Theresienstadt during the Shoah.
Not only were we taken back there by Dr Lisa Peschel, who wrote Performing Captivity, Performing Escape: Cabarets and Plays from ... read more

Shabbat Service Group reading of Mishpatim

Since one of the most prominent themes of Parashat Mishpatim is concerned with inclusivity, Rabbi Frank invited  members and guests who had never had a Bar or Bat Mitzvah to read a verse or two from our Sidrah, either in Hebrew or English.  We had many volunteers and the experience was greatly enjoyed by all.  We hope that this ‘mini-taster’ will encourage adults of any ... read more

What makes Britain a great place to be Jewish?

The following article appeared in today’s (6 Feb ’15) Jewish News:

What makes Britain a great place to be Jewish?

front page groupAnglo-Jewry is more vibrant and open to new ideas (mostly!) than ever before – thriving in the tolerant and inclusive society we ... read more

Mosaic played a leading role in Brents Holocaust Memorial day

Over 300 people attended Brent Civic Centre to recognise, commemorate and show respect for all victims of genocide on Holocaust and Genocide Memorial Day 2015.

View a video of the event with a moving story about the Holocaust from Mosaic member Mr George Vulkan.,50YX,2ZXKKK,AV3T,1

Rabbi Frank reflects on events in Paris

rabbifranksmlI am privileged to work with some very wise and perceptive congregants.

In my sermon on the Shabbat immediately following the terrible attacks in Paris, I urged circumspection rather than merely emotional reactions.  There are many possible causes contributing to these tragic incidents.

Afterwards, one member offered a challenging argument:  ‘I’ve lived through the Blitz bombardments, the worry ... read more

Shemot – Human Liberty versus Revealed Law

The coldblooded murder of journalists and staff of the Charlie Hebdo magazine last Wednesday in Paris, is the latest in a series of Islamic fundamentalists’ terrorist attacks on Western Democracies and has heralded a sinister start of the Gregorian New Year.

The shock of this latest attack has been all the more severe because Freedom of Expression is one of the cornerstones of Western Democracy, which ... read more