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Farewell to Bessborough Road

Tuesday, March 30

After over 60 years in central Harrow, a final Reform and Liberal joint service was broadcast from 39 Bessborough Road at 11.00 am on Tuesday, 30th March.

If you were not able to view this event, click here to view the recording.

Those who watched the event live would have seen the use of a split screen, where you were able to view the simultaneous removal of the scrolls from the Reform Ark downstairs and the Liberal Ark upstairs, as well as being able to view the scrolls leaving the main hall and (at the same time) exiting the building itself. Unfortunately due to the limitations of recording on Zoom, we were not able to capture the second screen on the recording. Our apologies to members of Mosaic Liberal that we were unable to record the removal of the scrolls from the Ark. All other parts of the service are on the recording.

A service booklet was produced for this event – please click the link below to download the service booklet.

Bessborough Road Farewell Service