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JACS – The Jewish Heritage of Slovakia

Tuesday, October 5

On Tuesday. Dr Maroš Borský, Director of the Slovak Jewish Heritage Centre in Bratislava spoke about the Jewish Heritage of Slovakia.

If you missed this event you can view the recording here.

We went on an inspiring journey to Slovakia, a country in Central Europe, that until World War II had 137,000 Jewish inhabitants. The local Jewish community today counts only about 3,000 persons, but its heritage remains. There are hundreds of Jewish cemeteries and up to a hundred former synagogues and prayer halls. Many of these sites were recently restored for cultural purposes, others are neglected. Some synagogue buildings are architecturally prominent sites of European importance. There are two Jewish museums in Bratislava, the Chatam Sofer Memorial, and many other important Jewish monuments.

Our speaker has been engaged in Jewish heritage preservation for twenty years and provided an expert insight into the field.

A native of Bratislava, Dr. Maroš Borský studied art history and Jewish studies in Bratislava, Regensburg, London, Jerusalem, and Heidelberg. Borský is the director of the Jewish Community Museum and Jewish Cultural Institute in Bratislava.