Meet the Author – Jackie Shulman

Sunday, March 6

On Sunday, Jackie Shulman talked about her first novel ‘When, if Not Now?’

Jackie also explained about publishing and why she chose to do it on Amazon.

If you missed this event you can view the recording here.

Josh Green was considered a pillar of the strictly religious Jewish community to which he belonged in northwest London. He was revered by all, including his five children and nineteen grandchildren. What would they think, if they knew of the dark, haunting secret he had concealed from them for fifteen years?
Now, aged almost seventy he has travelled to China on a sudden impulse, in an attempt to unveil an enigma which has tormented him for a decade.

A chance encounter in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Shanghai between Josh and a charming, erudite, gay British expat, evolves into an improbable friendship between these two strangers. Alistair Sylvester, a collector of rare Chinese snuff bottles and an expert on East Asian culture, is on his own perplexing quest. They join forces and embark on a voyage of discovery, taking them to totally unexpected and unlikely destinations, as they both attempt to unravel their own mystery.

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Jackie is donating the money she receives from sales of the book to an Israeli charity called  ESRA.