Meet the Space Doctor

Tuesday, January 18

On Tuesday Dr Daniel Grant was interviewed by Steve Levinson,.

Daniel is a doctor with a background that’s out of this world. Daniel has worked in the extreme environments both at the very top of the Alps, deep underwater and all the way over at NASA. He now specialises in preventative health where he translates the learnings from space into everyday life. His work ranges from community sport and social prescription, through to empowered biomarker healthcare, and to  Stealth Health – the art of keeping you healthy without you ever knowing it.


If you missed he event you can view the recording here.

Bio:   Daniel Grant is a doctor, sportsman and filmmaker. His convoluted path into medicine first started with studying Egyptology, moved into Hollywood movie making, had a parallel sideline in Team GB and has eventually ended up as a doctor specialising in prevention, with an interest in extreme environments and broadcast. He looks at the bigger picture when it comes to health and sees it in all aspects of our daily lives – in culture, sports, arts, education and community. He sees healthcare as something that should be easily accessible to us all, and something that we should feel empowered to take ownership over.

Check out his YouTube. Just search for “Stealth Health” or find him on Instagram @thestealthdoctor