Services are held each Shabbat for which we use the new Reform Prayer Book and the Hertz Chumash.

On Shabbat morning there is a joint kiddush with Mosaic Liberal and Mosaic Masorti after the service.

Normally once a month, in addition to the main Shabbat morning service, there is an alternative ‘Shabbat Shira’ service for children (parents, grandparents and the young-at-heart are most welcome!) with a focus on singing, music and noise!

Services are also held on all major festivals, as well as a Communal seder on 2nd night Pesach and lively celebrations of Purim, Chanukah and Simchat Torah.

Our services are greatly enhanced by our Choir and visitors and guests can be assured of a warm welcome. If you can’t get to the Synagogue in person, you can always join the service on-line by watching our live video streaming.

This shabbat:

Liberal / Reform Erev Shabbat Service

Friday, 1st December @ 7:00 pm

Shabbat Vayishlach

Joint Erev Shabbat service (led by Mosaic Reform).

It will also be available on Zoom. To join click one of the links below:

Erev Shabbat Interactive Service (If required, the meeting ID is 675-420-773)
Erev Shabbat View Only Service

Reform Shabbat Morning Service

Saturday, 2nd December @ 10:30 am

Shabbat Vayishlach

Shabbat morning service at the Synagogue.

The service is also available via Zoom.  To join click one of the links below:

Shabbat Morning Reform Interactive Service (If required, the meeting ID is 675-420-773)
Shabbat Morning Reform View Only Service

Torah Reading: Genesis 35:1-29 on page 129 in the Hertz Chumash .

Maftir: Genesis 36:40-43 on page 134.

The Haftarah is Hosea 11:7-12:12 on page 135 in the Hertz Chumash.  It will be read by Jeanette Leibling.

Interactive meetings will be opened around 20 minutes before the service starts to allow everyone to connect.

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