Services are held each Shabbat for which we use the new Reform Prayer Book and the Hertz Chumash.

On Shabbat morning there is a joint kiddush with Mosaic Liberal after the service.

Normally once a month, in addition to the main Shabbat morning service, there is an alternative ‘Shabbat Shira’ service for children (parents, grandparents and the young-at-heart are most welcome!) with a focus on singing, music and noise!

Services are also held on all major festivals, as well as a Communal seder on 2nd night Pesach and lively celebrations of Purim, Chanukah and Simchat Torah.

Our services are greatly enhanced by our Choir and visitors and guests can be assured of a warm welcome. If you can’t get to the Synagogue in person, you can always join the service on-line by watching our live video streaming.

This shabbat:

Reform Service

Shabbat Ki Tissa.  Shabbat Parah

There are no services at Bessborough Road. However, we will be holding streamed services via the Internet, as follows:

Joint Erev Shabbat service (led by Mosaic Liberal) starts at 7.00 pm.  Members of The Copenhagen Shir HaTzafon community will be joining and participating in the service.  To join click one of the links below:
Erev Shabbat Interactive Service (If required, the meeting ID is 675-420-773)
Erev Shabbat View Only Service

Shabbat morning service starts at 10:30 am.  To join click one of the links below:
Shabbat Morning Reform Interactive Service (If required, the meeting ID is 675-420-773)
Shabbat Morning Reform View Only Service

Torah Reading: Exodus 33:12-34:35 on page 362 in the Hertz Chumash .

Maftir: Numbers 19:1-22 on page 652.

The Haftarah is Ezekiel 36:16-36 on page 999 in the Hertz Chumash.  It will be read by Joan Noble.

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Other services:

Pesach Service – 1st Day

Sunday March 28
There will be a service on 1st Day Pesach, led by Mosaic Reform, commencing at 10.30 am.  For details of how to join the service remotely, follow the link below. 1st Day Pesach Service Meeting ID: 858 3445 2826 You can find an on-line edition of the Pesach Machzor here: Pesach Machzor If you do not have a computer ...

Communal Seder – JOIN US FROM YOUR HOME!

Sunday March 28
Rabbi Middleton and her family are delighted to invite you to join them for our (virtual) Communal Seder on 2nd Night Pesach at 7.00 pm. To join the virtual Seder service via Zoom, please click the following link (note that the Zoom link will be active 30 minutes before the service starts): Communal Seder Service If you do ...

Time to say Goodbye…

Tuesday March 30
After over 60 years on this site, we will be broadcasting a final Reform and Liberal joint service from Bessborough Road at 11.00 am on Tuesday, 30th March. There will be a short Shacharit service and some closing words, followed by the removal of the scrolls from the building. Due to Covid restrictions, only those directly participating ...