Liberal Service

Shabbat Vayelech.    Shabbat Shuvah

The Shabbat evening service starts at 7.00 pm at the home of Lindsey & Adrian Cohen in Stanmore. (For details of the venue, contact the office or Kevin Ziants).  The Shabbat morning service starts at 11.00 am.

The evening service no. 2 starts on page 75.  The morning service no.2 starts on page 112.  The theme is “Education” on page 357.

Torah reading is Deuteronomy 31:1-13.  The Haftarah reading is Hosea 14:2-10 & Micah 7:18-20.

This week’s kiddush at Mosaic Liberal on Saturday morning has been designated a “Sufra Kiddush”.  By providing only wine & challah, the funds saved will be donated to Sufra.

To view the service via our live streaming on Shabbat, click here

October 3, 2019