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15/16/17 Apr: Pesach Day 1 + Shabbat, Pesach Day 2  :  Comes in 7:43 pm, Shabbat ends 8:49 pm,  Pesach   Day 2  ends 8:51

There is a morning service this Shabbat, which is also Pesach Day 1. We are still maintaining social distancing and there is plenty of fresh air. There is also a Pesach Day 2 service on Sunday 17 April. The  services will start at 10.00. Doors will open from 09.45. The service is shorter than pre-Covid. We look forward to seeing you at the service

The Torah readings on Shabbat are Exodus XII: 21-51  on page 257 of  the Hertz Chumash, plus Numbers XXVIII: 16-25 on page 695. The Haftarah is on page 1009 of the Chumash. See Chumash page 1012 for Torah readings and Haftarah for Peasach Day 2.

April 11, 2022