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10/11 February: Shabbat Beshalach

rabbipaulsmlShabbat comes in 4.51 pm: goes out 5.56 pm

The children of Israel leave Egypt in a hurry.  They don’t even have time to prepare all the food they need.  Yet even in all the confusion of leaving, there was still something that had to be done before they could go.  The Torah relates that Moshe took the remains of Joseph to be brought out of Egypt.

Before he died Joseph made the Jewish people take an oath that they would remove his remains from Egypt and bury them in Israel.  The Midrash explains that this shows us the importance of keeping an oath.   I like to think that taking Joseph’s bones also has a symbolic meaning:  Returning to Israel?  Taking the experience of Egypt with them?  What do you think?

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Paul Arberman

February 9, 2017