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11/12 November: Shabbat Lech Lecha

rabbipaulsmlShabbat comes in 4.02 pm: goes out 5.06 pm

Many commentators have noted that the Book of Genesis employs a notion of “moral geography.”  Sodom, for example, is the lowest point in the world both geographically and morally.  And as one “goes down” to Egypt, so does the moral and spiritual standard go down.  Conversely, Avram’s return to Canaan is understood as an ascent both geographically and spiritually.

Verse 13:1 reads: ”So Avram went up from Egypt, he with his wife and all that was his,” which hints that even  “Avraham” was affected by the society around him.  It is for this reason that the choice of our environment is important — whether it be religious, educational, work or social.  If this is true about Avraham, then we too cannot help but be affected by the moral stature of the community in which we live.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Paul Arberman



November 10, 2016