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Shabbat 11 April 2015 – Pesach Day 8

 Shabbat comes in at 7.34pm & goes out at 8.40pm

On the 7th Day of Pesach we will be reading in the Torah about the crossing of the sea.  So that points to one of the strangest passages in the haggadah, from the litany dayenu.  “If God had only parted the sea for us, and not caused us to pass through on dry land, that would have been enough.”    Every year I read that passage and think – this makes no sense!  What good is parting the sea if we do not pass through?  What good is starting redemption if we do not finish it?


Redemption is not something that takes place all at once, in one fell swoop.   The lesson of dayenu is that redemption will not come all at once.  It will happen in little steps, bit by bit and piece by piece.  Today we see the sea opening up for us.  Hopefully tomorrow we will experience actually crossing the sea.  And then on the next day, perhaps we will enter the Promised Land.  Meanwhile, let us joyously celebrate each small victory.


Chag Sameach

Rabbi Paul Arberman

April 9, 2015