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Shabbat 28 February 2015 – Parasha Tetzaveh

Shabbat comes in at 5.22pm and & goes out Saturday at 6.25pm

Modern self-help gurus talk about taking care of your body and taking care of your mindrabbipaulsml.  Which is more important, the body or the soul?   The rabbis examined this question long ago in Midrash Tadshe:
 “There were two altars in the Mishkan: An altar of copper and an altar of gold. The gold altar [the incense altar] may be likened to the soul of a person; the copper altar [for the sacrifices], to the body of a person. Just as gold is more valuable than copper, the soul is more valuable than the body; and just as every day offerings were brought on the two altars, and what is brought on them is holy, so too must a person serve God always with the soul and with the body.
If your inner-life is healthy, than you can face life’s challenges; without inner peace, the smallest difficulty can ruin you.  Still, Judaism has always acknowledged the importance of the body, and held “im ein kemach, ein Torah”, without food, there is not Torah.   In other words, body and soul are always related, just as the Mishkan was only complete with two altars.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Paul Arberman
February 24, 2015