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28/29 July: Shabbat Devarim comes in 8:41 pm, goes out 9:51pm

Devarim, also known as the Book of Deuteronomy is made up of the farewell addresses that Moses delivered in the last weeks of his life.   In his first speech, he emphasizes the important themes that mistrusting and disobeying God leads to disaster, and that trusting and obeying God leads to success.

Devarim/Deuteronomy has also been called the “Mishneh Torah” in later Jewish literature. The name Mishneh Torah, a second Torah, refers to the fact that Devarim restates many of the most essential teachings and principles of Jewish life. Rather than being repetitive, however, Deuteronomy gives new depth and meaning to many of the teachings that have already been stated in the first four books of the Torah.

Of course, Moses takes the liberty of picking and choosing which events were worth repeating. If you were reviewing your own life’s journey, which lessons would you choose to emphasize and which would you choose to skip over ?   I would suggest that every experience is part of our education about life and part of our journey.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Paul Arberman

July 27, 2017