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Building progress updates

Update 20 February


The work on building our new home is progressing although the weather, Covid and construction supply issues are proving challenging for our development, just as they are for the whole industry.

Nevertheless a number of milestones are being passed in the process. The building has reached its full height and the roof has been completed meaning it is now watertight. By the time you read this article we will have the windows in place and scaffolding is shortly to be removed.

With the external elements nearing completion, the developer will increasingly concentrate on internal areas, which will allow the space inside to come together and take shape.

The issues mentioned above have added a few weeks to the project. Although dates are not fixed, the practical completion of the whole development and handover of the synagogue is still expected in the late Spring.

Then there will be an intensive 8-week fit-out programme to make the building fully functional. A number of volunteer teams have been hard at work for a while now in designing, identifying and sourcing the numerous items needed to turn the building into a home for the whole Mosaic Jewish community. One of the most important features to go in will be the partitions which will allow the space to be adapted into numerous configurations.

Once the major elements of the fit-out are completed it is hoped that test events for limited groups of people can take place, before a full opening.

The hoardings surrounding the development have already demonstrated to local residents and passers-by what the final look of Mosaic and the flats above will be.