Our new building

Our new building at Stanmore Hill is a state-of-the-art, multi-functional, flexible and sustainable development designed to showcase enhanced economic. environmental and social functionality.

A significant benefit of the new development is that we have installed a high-performance, full height, soundproof and movable wall partitioning system which can create up to 24 different space layouts. With this highly-flexible system in place, we will be able to host – and offer to the local community – a wide range of regular or one-off functions and events. We can provide tables and seating to suit all requirements and a range of catering options.

The flexible space of the building is over 600 square meters and can be configured as the one large space or anything from 2 to 8 spaces from 15 to 400 square meters as needed.

To support the events and functions opportunities, we are also installing a high-specification technology infrastructure including multi-zone sound system, digital projectors and enhanced Wi-Fi.

Key features include:

The high-performance partitioning system offers soundproofing so that activities in one space do not generate audible disruption to activities in another space . The technology design in the building supports using any or all of the configurable spaces for services / events / activities including

    • Services, with 3 or more able to be held at the same time with some participants joining remotely via  Zoom (“hybrid”)
    • Events with a guest speaker or showing a film or a concert (small or large) again can be in “hybrid” mode and we can host up to 6 simultaneously
    • Our religion school, using up to 10 spaces in the building, will also have the ability to operate in “hybrid” mode where necessary, for example to enable virtual sessions with children from other countries
    • Drop-in activities for participants of all ages: including music and TV / video content for our drop-in coffee bar, multi-player gaming (for youngsters or us older folk as well!)

The sound system can deliver clear sound for speech and music to each zone separately or in combination, with professional-quality loudspeakers connected to a multi-zone audio mixer that is preconfigured to enable easy use by non-professionals.

Each space has video camera and microphone(s) to support remote participants

The building has video projectors to enable people in the room to see remote participants on zoom (“hybrid” events), and the projectors can also be used to share images, videos etc.

There is support for hearing-impaired attendees/participants; the sound system has been professionally modelled to deliver even sound levels, and we have designed in support for hearing loops if these are needed.

The building also has ceiling mounting points and wiring for stage lighting, and raised staging for large events when required.

We can also provide additional hand-held displays if helpful for visually-impaired attendees/participants.