Shabbat Commentary

8/9 Mar : Pekudei : Shabbat comes in 5:38 pm,  ends  6:41 pm

In Parshat Pekudei, Moses provides a detailed account of how the contributions to the Tabernacle were put to use.  A Midrash addresses this as follows:

Why did Moses give them accounts? The Holy One, may His name be blessed, trusted him as it says: “Not so with My servant Moses; he is trusted throughout My household” (Numbers 12:7).  So why did Moses say to the Israelites, come let us discuss the Tabernacle and I will give you accounts?  It is because Moses heard malicious Israelites speaking behind his back (Exodus Rabba (Vilna) 51).

The Midrash explains that the accounts were required due to rumours spread by Israelites, who suspected him of misappropriating funds for his own benefit.  Moses understands this and instead of being insulted, he shows that at times, even leaders must explain themselves; and he lists where all the gifts have gone to use in the Mishkan.

Written by Rabbi Paul Arberman




March 7, 2019